Custom Spray offers a slow release - deep root tree and shrub fertilizer straight to the root zone.

Deep Root Injection

A very important part of Cuyahoga Falls tree disease and insect control programs is supplementing them with deep root fertilizer.

Custom Spray’s Cuyahoga Falls Lawn Care program can provide a deep root fertilization for your trees, giving them the nutrients they require, giving them the ability to recover from the stress caused by insect infestation or disease.

How We Fertilize

As seen in the picture to the right, we use a special feed gun that acts as a large syringe.  We go deep into the soil around the root of your tree or shrub which releases a year-long, slow-release fertilizer that will keep your trees and shrubs healthy for an entire year.

If you have trees or shrubs in your yard or landscaping, chances are they are being deprived of nutrients they need to survive.  Contact our Cuyahoga Falls Lawn Care representative at Custom Spray and we’ll give you a free quote.