Trees & Shrubs

Our Ohio Lawn care treatments can also care for your trees and shrubs with deep root injection and soil drenching

Our Staff Arborist

Our Cuyahoga Falls Lawn Care professionals at Custom Spray offer tree and shrub control that are both affordable and effectively control insects and disease.

With several decades of tree and shrub experience, coupled with a certified arborist on staff, you can depend on receiving the best care for your Cuyahoga Falls trees and shrubs.

We inject a slow-release fertilizer into the ground to deliver nutrients directly to the root zone.  This greatly assists your trees and shrubs to be healthy and disease free all year round.

Cuyahoga Falls Tree and Shrub care services include:

  • Arborist on staff
  • Applications made by trained technicians
  • Expert Diagnosis of insect and disease problems
  • Deep-root injection of slow release tree/shrub fertilizer
  • Complete tree/shrub care programs
  • Trunk injections and soil injections/drenching
  • FREE full property evaluation by an arborist
Custom Spray offers a slow release - deep root tree and shrub fertilizer straight to the root zone.

Deep Root Fertilizer

Our arborist can determine the best type of pesticide or repelent for your trees.

Tree Spray